Dana Alexander
Dana Alexander
Dana Alexander

Weaving fantasy, reality, and desire...

The Three Keys

About the Series

A Lara Croft meets Lord of the Rings-style fantasy series by Dana Alexander. Blending fantasy and adventure with modern-day technology and ancient myth…

What people are saying...

“The Three Keys series by Dana Alexander weaves a fantastical story about good vs evil with a female lead.”

– The Geekiary (full review)

“Dana Alexander’s Fantasty Romance series, The Three Keys, will make a great addition to your reading list. I have to say I’m a bit geeked out over this set of books. These books are styled like Lara Croft (a kick butt woman adventurer) and Lord of the Rings. I love both of those things. (Movies and books alike!) A timeless romance of love that transcends time, but is held ransom for three ancient keys.”

– Kelly’s Thoughts On Things (full review)


Where to Buy My Books

Dana’s books are available at other booksellers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, and Germany. Check out individual book pages for buy links.


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