Walk With Me

grayscale photography of brown and black bench

Photo by Paweł L. on Pexels.com

Why should I care that you sit huddled in a chair?

Chains around my heart and vision blocked by my own despair

My needs, my wants, my ego haunts and leaves me unable to care


I’ll leave this world, my pain unfurled, cast upon those who dare to ask

For I, too, cannot hold the weight that binds you to that chair

I will not turn to others for comfort nor the answer hidden in the bottom of this flask

I’ll not bare my soul to any sort, for the judgment that waits with promise of rot

Rather, I’ll expel such grievance as I see fit, upon the likes of you for a bit

For at least that alone is within my control…or so I’d like to believe

I’ll not let the pain take me down, not like you huddled in that chair

Consumed and shaken, world rocked and soon to be taken


You’ll not be judged by the world around you

You’ll not speak, for what good will it do?

Though they try, not a soul will understand the veil over your heart, mind and spirit

There you sit, locked in an invisible prison of darkness—the reason left for all to guess

“It will do no good,” you cry, “to tell of such horrible pain. For how can anyone care whose heart is chained?”


My wrath unleashed upon the world is how I know of the burden you feel

For the bind around my heart tightens with each expression of words

How to break the bonds that hold me prisoner, too, like you huddled in that chair?

Iron can be cut but not the invisible shroud that builds each link and covers me in darkness

We are one in the same. You, a mirror image of my very soul beneath the chains


“Rise up. Rise up,” I say. “And walk with me far away.”

We can leave the room of the invisible shroud and hope for vision that is more clear

To tender silence of the early morning sunrise and its burst of colors bright

To the clear blue radiance and whispers of storms aside

And later, into the peaceful realm of evening shadows at dusk, as they invite the stars to guide our way

Though that veil may follow you still, each inhale of breath and look to the sky will help to see beyond the illusion of black and gray

For in that walk your vision is clear and my heart with its chains will no longer fear


–Dana Alexander





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