Would you steal an eBook?

Serious authors work hard and invest much more than time…Would you work for free?

Graham Writer

pirate eBooks

Earlier this year I let a website domain I owned expire. I no longer needed the site because it promoted one book ‘Exit Strategy’ and I had decided to consolidate all my books onto one new website. A couple of months later, in a moment of idleness, I clicked on a link to my old website and got a nasty surprise. The domain had been acquired by someone in Panama and was back online. Even worse, it was using my copyrighted material which had been converted, rather poorly, into a WordPress site. Surely that’s good you might say. What’s wrong with a little free advertising? The problem, apart from the poor quality, was all the links had been changed to promote an American company offering business consultancy services. I appeared to be endorsing the company. I fired of an email to the American company and the domain owners in Panama, complaining…

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