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If you enjoy the blending of fantasy and adventure with modern-day technology and ancient myth, coupled with a stubborn heroine with a few trust issues—an iron fist in a velvet glove—read on. Follow unsuspecting New York psychiatrist, Sara Forrester, as she is thrown into an unthinkable quest to rescue humanity from a dark lord’s demons and shadows she once believed to be nothing more than figments of a troubled mind. Her mission is wrought with the mystery and magic of places she’s read about in the pages of history books, connected by a parallel existence superior to humanity. To fulfill her mission, she must retrieve three keys hidden thousands of years earlier among the ancient Druids and in the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations, or risk losing the billions of lives on Earth and the one connection that ever mattered—her eternal bond with the Last Great Warrior.

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KINDLE Winter_s Labyrinth 13 October 2017

Whispers from a shadowy realm…

Two worlds on the brink of collapse…

Only one force can claim the future…

Consumption of humanity by an epidemic of evil shadows has shifted to its final stage. Armed with a potent angelic weapon and a conjurer of the dead, Lord Tarsamon has strengthened his position to shut down the one woman who can stop his race to plunge Earth and Ardanhome of the immortalsinto a perpetual state of darkness.

Finding the last of three keys hidden in an underworld of spells is the one hope remaining and a task only Sara Forrester can fulfill. Joined by her team, Sara must brave the cryptic City of Souls to release the ancient Egyptian powers she believed to be myths.

Can Sara rescue two worlds and a future she’s fought lifetimes to claim with the one man she’d risk her soul to keep before time runs out?

Available Now!

Voted as one of only nine books featured by NetGalley for “Next In A Series”.

Cover Flight Of The Feathered Serpent 16 June 2015 KINDLE

An old and deadly enemy.

A danger reaching beyond life’s boundaries.

A love destined for all eternity…

A slilent killer sweeps humanity, consuming its life force, threatening an eternal reign of darkness. After narrowly escaping theis shadowy force in the highlands of Scotland, New York psychiatrist Sara Forrester is tasked with. finding the seocnd key of lifeby unlocking the riddles of Mayan myth in the shrouded depths of the Yucatan jungle. As Sara and her team are plunged into a history rooted in magic and mystery, they struggle to find light in the darkest corners of the unfamiliar. At risk are the billions of lives on Earth and a future Sara longs to keep with the man she bonded with before either were ever born.

But when age-old myths of a lost civilization come to life, Sara suspects the very Order she serves might have other intentionsusing her to achieve a separate and malevolent purpose. She’s vowed that no matter who or what might be working against her and the immortals, nothing will stand in the way of achieving her vital goal.

What readers are saying:

“I loved reading this book. The author has penned an extremely imaginative and exciting story which keeps you on the edge of your seat. The magic quotient is high and the story keeps taking an unexpected turn thereby keeping the mystery alive while not allowing the story to fall into a predictable pit. Dana definitely knows her art very well for I loved the narrative and the writing. The best part was that I could easily imagine myself living with the protagonist in the various situations. I haven’t read any of the earlier books by Dana but the writing and story in this book was well-crafted and clear enough for me to come upto speed. With enough clues shared, you even begin to try and solve the detective work yourself. The only drawback is that there is so much action happening that sometimes the reader may get overwhelmed. Overall, a definite buy.”  –Net Galley Review, Hardeep Kaur Rai

“Dana has found that ground that allows people who aren’t necessarily drawn to science fiction and by making her characters wholly viable and realistic she finds that tenuous path that morphs reality with unreality.” –San Francisco Review Of Books

Alexander drops another bombshell installment of this series in our laps with Flight of the Feathered Serpent, arguably the most ambitious and sweeping of the series. The stakes have been raised to unbelievable levels, and now the adventure takes a more cerebral turn, and dives into a very cool setting as well. As she has in the past, Alexander’s powers of description are profound, and it feels like readers are truly sucked into this dark and dangerous world. This epic showdown between Sara the Light Carrier and Tarsamon is not the only interesting part of the story. The background of the Yucatan wilderness and Mayan temples, gods and powers beyond our comprehension… all of the details are incredibly rich, as is the ongoing character development. We see Sarah continue to grow into herself as an unexpected heroine, and she is blossoming into a powerful leader who just might be able to hold the shadows at bay. I’m eager to watch as this series continues to unfurl, because the author and her memorable protagonist just keep getting better.” –Veritas Vincit

“…You will instantly get hooked on the characters and will feel like you’ve been transported out of your own life for a little while…” –Amazon Reviewer

“…imaginative and very well written. I was amazed at the details the author included in describing everything in a way that did not weigh down the novel, but allowed the reader to delve further into the story and imagine themselves alongside the main character, Sara Forrester…” –Amazon Reviewer

“…a fantastical book that is guided by ancient myths while simultaneously utilizing modern day technology. I love the combination of the new and the old within the story. I like Sara, who is our main heroine, who is full of charisma and fantastic leadership qualities. She isn’t a some small minded girl who tries to achieve things that are way out her league, she is realistic and level-headed, which I absolutely love in a character…” –Amazon Reviewer

…I personally found it difficult to put this book down for any length of time and am looking forward to the next installment in the series. I absolutely must know if the main character gets the guy and saves the world. I loved the wonderful blend of love and action that the author packs into each book.” –Amazon Reviewer

“…a very original and imaginative way of showing magic and finally, a story that handles romance really well, seriously, the love here is amazing; it makes me really believe in it! I think this is the first time I read ‘eternal love’ in a book and it’s not something corny or out of place, everything has a meaning in this story…” –Amazon Reviewer

Cover A Light Within 24 June 2014 KINDLE

Loyalty beyond life itself...

Desire that whispers to defy an oath…

At risk is all they’ve ever shared and a future they hope to keep.

Having slipped from a demon lord’s clutches, Sara Forrester is plunged into the only role in life she was ever meant to fulfillthe quest to obtain three ancient keys hidden by a powerful governing order across the realmsthe Soltari. Sara and her team must race to Scotland and find the sacred Druid priests before the evil seeking to end her quest traces her energy trail and puts an end to mankind. But when Sara arrives, a powerful force lures her to a break in time and space, diverting her intended path.

Staying alive to recover the keys that will save humanity is not Sara’s only dilemma.  She’s done what she vowed never to do, let herself love another human being.  But Kevin is not just any other person and she intuitively knows it. Unlike Kevin, Sara has no memory of her connection to him.  The distraction could cost them everything.  If Kevin breaks his oath to the Soltari by sharing with Sara their eternal memories, their bond could be forever severed by the very entity that brought them together.

What readers are saying:

“…Crisp dialogue, honest emotions, extravagant use of otherworldly atmosphere combine to make Dana Alexander’s second book a hefty and enthralling read. ” –Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewer

“Brilliant story full of sci-fi elements!” –Amazon Reviewer

“… I read the first one as well and became fascinated with the story. Lots of suspense make this sci-fi book an excellent read. Highly recommend!” –Amazon Reviewer

…Alexander does wonderfully well in creating truly likable and real characters, and the storyline is descriptive, detailed, and honestly enjoyable. Alexander has a comforting, smart, and fun style of writing that is the key to engaging her readers, and with every page, you can’t wait to see what happens next.”  — Amazon 5 star review

“…A novel skilfully written. One would find twice as much pleasure from the story, by reading the book twice. There is so much depth to be uncovered.” –Amazon Reviewer

“…I found this book difficult to put down for any length of time. The author gives great detail at the best locations without causing information overload. I would most definitely call this a must read book series for my friends and family.” –Amazon Reviewer

What if the life you live were only a facade, your dreams a true reflection of your identity, and what if those worlds collided?


The balance between good and evil has been shattered, opening a path for a dark lord’s demons and shadows to consume the energy found in humanity.  To New York psychiatrist Dr. Sara Forrester, these nightmares become more than figments of a troubled mind when the Soltaria powerful entity governing the balance of good and evilcalls Sara to retrieve three ancient keys hidden thousands of years earlier. But to find the keys she must unlock the gateway to each of them by way of three secret medallions.  As part of Sara’s existence in this life, the Order that administers the rule of the Soltari has blocked her memory from the many past lives she’s led and the power she holds for her to establish a relatively ordinary life on Earth.

The Last Great Warrior hasn’t forgotten the love he’s vowed to protect across time and space. He’s come to Earth under the guise of a physician and colleague on an oath to the Soltari not to remind Sara of their past lives together when the mission is engaged. In guarding every facet of the quest, the Alliance couldn’t risk a love that transcends time interfering with the task to rescue so many lives and keep Earth as an intended place of human development. There is no room for distraction where unemotional decisions need to be made.  If Sara fails the mission, not only will humanity be lost but also the eternal bond of two souls linked for centuries.

What readers are saying:

“…The writing is mature, and takes itself seriously, and the depth of planning and outlining of the story makes it seem like a fleshed out concept supported by skilled prose.” –Amazon review
“…Great romance without being sappy, intense sci-fi thrills without being cliche or hackneyed, and an engaging character in Sara that is swept into an extraordinary situation, but seems like she belongs in the heart of it by the end of the book. I’m excited to see what comes next from this talented author.” –Amazon 5 Star review
…I found Dana to be a remarkable storyteller with an amazing ability to know how to take the time to allow her characters and storyline to maturely develop without slowing the flow of the story down. An enjoyable read from start to finish combining not only sci-fi and fantasy, but also romance and action thriller, creating a unique read that would captivate and engage teen readers as well as adults.” –Amazon 5 Star review

Editorial Reviews:

Beyond a Darkened Sky: “…Scenes are dynamic, paying attention to characters’ placements and movements. The book’s language shifts to reflect the two realms; the fantasy realm is narrated in a surreal tone, revealing a fantastical version of Earth whose magical elements are subdued. Its ruling ancient council consists of beings without form whose appearances are rare, while Sara and her allies control elements as needed. The novel balances its magic and realism in a grounded way…Beyond a Darkened Sky begins its fantasy series in an endearing way, building to a epic showdown between good and evil.” –Foreword Reviews

Flight of the Feathered Serpent: “A zealous, entertaining entry in a fantasy saga with a determined heroine.” –Kirkus Reviews

Winter’s Labyrinth: “Winter’s Labyrinth is a fast and entertaining fantasy novel whose inventive world is richly built.” –Foreword Reviews

Series Review:

“The Three Keys” Series by Dana Alexander Weaves a Mythological Story

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