Dana Alexander
Dana Alexander
Dana Alexander

Weaving fantasy, reality, and seduction...

The Three Keys

A Lara Croft meets Lord of the Rings-style fantasy series by Dana Alexander. Blending fantasy and adventure with modern-day technology and ancient myth.
Author Dana Alexander

If you enjoy the blending of fantasy with modern-day technology and ancient myth, coupled with a stubborn heroine with a few trust issues—an iron fist in a velvet glove—read on.

Follow unsuspecting New York psychiatrist, Sara Forrester, as she is thrown into an unthinkable quest to rescue humanity from a dark lord’s demons and shadows she once believed to be nothing more than figments of a troubled mind. Real world locations house portals to mysterious realms and three powerful keys only Sara can recover, hidden among the ancient Druids and within the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations. At risk are billions of lives, an immortal world, and the one connection that ever mattered—her eternal bond with the Last Great Warrior.

Author Dana Alexander

Where to Buy My Books

Dana’s books are available at other booksellers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, and Germany. Check out individual book pages for buy links.


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